If you wish you can pay thru paypal using vicki@vntgraphics.com. Shipping cost is not included. Typically cards are $3.00 for several/ paint is $6.00 for a set/ fabric is $3.00 for 1-4 fat quarters. Vicki will be happy to calculate the exact shipping on your order before payment.


To see fabric that Vicki has hand painted click on Fabric. These fabrics are ready to use as they have already been washed and ironed. They are as wash and color fast as commercially printed fabrics since the paint used is the same that manufacturers use to silk-screen fabric.


Most quilts have single notecards available. Single cards are $3.00 each plus shipping. Look in the Gallery to see the images. All cards are signed by Vicki, identified as to quilt and size, and are packed in a crystal sleeve. Shown here are sets of cards. There is one card of each image in a set.


The paint Vicki uses is available for purchase thru here. Starter set 1 and extender would make a basic group to start.

Sewing Machines

Vicki has collected vintage sewing machines and is ready to sell them. Some of the available ones are shown here.